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Merriam - Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus

Hardcover | 894 pages
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Description : Alphabetical Order helps you find the Right Word in Seconds. Simple organization makes finding words fast and easy. Concise Definitions help You choose The Best Word. A statement of core meaning at each main entry pin points the relationship between words. Examples of words used in context help You Understand each Word. Verbal illustrations provide examples of how words are commonly used. Related and Contrasted words help You Expand your Search Beyond Synonyms. Over 340,000 Synonyms, Antonyms, Related and Contrasted words and idioms offer a full range of choices. Preparation by Merriam-Webster helps you ACT with Authority Word lists developed from Webster's Third New international Dictionary, Unabridged deliver unparalled precision.

Product Details

Publisher : Merriam Webster
Publication Year : 2011
Language : English
ISBN : 9780877792697
Product Dimension : 4 X 14 X 20 cm
Weight : 1.5 kgs



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