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Multi Volume

The Saga of Darren Shan (12 Books Set)

Darren Shan | Multi Volume Set | 1200 pages
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Description : The Saga of Darren Shan is a series of books about vampires. In the books the life of Shan is narrated when he was transformed into a half human half vampire. In the beginning of the series, the story tells the reader about Shan’s experiences and how he was transformed into half vampire as he was trying to save his best friend, Steve. As the story progresses, you will experience the challenges of Shan’s new life and changes within him and how he needs to adapt to his new powers and problems as a vampire. In 2009, the series was made into a movie when it was bought by Universal Studios, though there are some differences. In the stories later in the series, it talks about several characters, vampires and how they view life and death and their various customs and beliefs. It also highlights the way of life of Vampires and shows in detail more about the lifestyle and day to day life which brings readers more into another aspect, and away from the general horrible depiction of vampires. The books have been published in more than 33 countries and in more than 30 languages as well as released as a CD recording. As mentioned earlier, the vampires portrayed in the series are a little different and unique as compared to many other portrayals. These vampires are in fact alive which means just like ordinary people they can be killed as well by guns and conventional weapons. Note: there are some gruesome scenes in this set which includes chewed limbs and bloody scenes. The vampires in the series are much stronger than the average man and they often run at speeds too fast for people to see. They also have super senses and can feel things like a predator, seeing in darkness and track scents... Titles in This Set : 1. Cirque du Freak 2. The Vampires Assistant 3. Tunnels of Blood 4. Vampire Mountain 5. Trials of Death 6. The Vampire Prince 7. Hunters of the Dusk 8. Allies of the Night 9. Killers of the Dawn 10. The Lake of Souls 11. Lord of the Shadows 12. Sons of Destiny From the no.1 master of horror comes this 12 book collection The Saga of Darren Shan. Follow on one boy's terrifying journey from human, to half-vampire to vampire prince. This cirque du freak collection has been described as "Stephen King for kids" and is sure to be a hit with horror fanatics. This set is aimed for children aged 9+. +++++ ‘Brilliant, macabre tale.’ --Guardian "I read Cirque Du Freak last week. I loved it. I love the way you manage to juggle the funny with the unpleasant, the affection with the hurt. It's great story-telling." --Roddy Doyle “The Vampire’s Assistant blazes a thrilling, gruesome trail through a fascinating plot.” --The Good Book Guide

Product Details

Publisher : Harper Collins
Publication Year : 2016
Language : English
ISBN : 9780007960859
Product Dimension : 10 X 20 X 15 cm
Weight : 1.69 kgs



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