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Sivakami's Vow 3: The Bikshu's Love

Kalki | Paperback | 292 pages
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Release On : 19-Jun-2023

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Description : After successfully fending off the Chalukya's siege of Kanchi, the Pallava emperor Mahendra Varmar drives the enemy king, Pulikesi, to call for a truce. The statesman in Pallavar is keen to convert a foe into a friend, but a vengeful Pulikesi reneges on his commitment. While the Pallavas are successful in chasing the Chalukyas away, Pallava Nadu bears the brunt of Pulikesi's wrath. Fate wields its unpredictable hand further. A rash decision by the sculptor Aayanar and his daughter Sivakami results in her being abducted by the Chalukyas. Sivakami takes a momentous vow, little realizing how far-reaching the consequences will be. How will the Pallava crown prince Narasimha Varmar, who is in love with Sivakami, act? Will Mahendra Varmar shape his son's future in a manner he had always envisaged? And what role will the Machiavellian bikshu play in Sivakami's life as a captive? The Bikshu's Love, the action-packed third volume of Sivakami's Vow, is unputdownable, and sets the stage for the startling climax of this magnum opus in the fourth and final book in the series.

Product Details

Publisher : Penguin eBury Press
Publication Year : 2023
Language : English
ISBN : 9780143460046
Categories : FICTION/NOVEL
Weight : 0.505 kgs



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