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Welcome to Aaraampur: A Sleepy Little Hill Town

Dhruv Nath | Paperback | 216 pages
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Release On : 19-Jun-2023

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Description : Welcome to life in the sleepy little hill town of Aaraampur, where you will meet Kaptaan Sahib, who got his name because he "almost got into the army and Pahalwaan Nai, a wrestler who used his skill of pulling out the hair of his opponents to become a barber. And of course, Chetu, the painter who specialized in making the walls of his customers' homes appear patchier than earlier. You will visit the classy Aaraampur Club, which would put the lesser known Delhi Gymkhana Club to shame. You will also figure out why Aaraampur Cals that famous start-up-was never available between 2 pm, and 5 p.m. Not to forget, the famous engineering college of Aaraampur, popularly known as "The PITS. Sit back and enjoy this charming and amusing book, which will momentarily transport you far from the din of everyday life to a slower, more agreeable rhythm.

Product Details

Publisher : Penguin eBury Press
Publication Year : 2023
Language : English
ISBN : 9780143463252
Weight : 0.505 kgs



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