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How To Live Your Life

Ruskin Bond | Hardcover | 124 pages
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Release On : 19-May-2022

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Description : It's a letter with advice ... it's Ruskin Bond's definition of Life! Be whatever you want to be... Give it your heart and soul, and you will have made something of your life, my friend. You are all my sons and daughters when it comes to telling you -- HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. -- Ruskin Bond A book packed with all the good advice anyone, any age, would love and benefit from because it is sound wisdom distilled from the wonderful life and times of the inimitable Ruskin Bond, unmistakably one of India's most popular authors. Each piece of valuable advice is worth its weight in gold!

Product Details

Publisher : HarperCollins
Publication Year : 2022
Language : English
ISBN : 9789356292260
Weight : 0.78 kgs



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