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Everyone Has A Story

Savi Sharma | Paperback | 184 pages
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Release On : 12-Dec-2022

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Description : Everyone has a story. Meera, a fledgling writer who is in search of a story that can touch millions of lives. Vivaan, assistant branch manager at Citibank, who dreams of travelling the world. Kabir, a café manager who desires something of his own. Nisha, the despondent café customer who keeps secrets of her own. Everyone has their own story, but what happens when these four lives are woven together? Pull up a chair in Kafe Kabir and watch them explore friendship and love, writing their own pages of life from the cosy café to the ends of the world.

Product Details

Publisher : HarperCollins
Publication Year : 2022
Language : English
ISBN : 9789356293182
Categories : FICTION/NOVEL
Product Dimension : 1.1 X 12.9 X 19.8 cm
Weight : 0.27 kgs



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